"We needed an outlet. The Winter's Cactus gave us one." 

~ Brandon Alexander, Author of The Winter's Cactus


Ever seen a cactus in the winter? The Winter’s Cactus survives the storm despite being trapped in a blizzard of existential crisis, survivor’s guilt, depression, love, and violence. 


The Winter's Cactus is an autobiographical collection of poetry that takes readers into the depths of their innermost being. After compiling work written over the last 10 years, Alexander noticed a recurring theme of death. This led to a further investigation into the power of his thoughts which birthed a series of poems followed by motivational synopses designed to uplift the masses. 

Transform your pain into passion and your struggle into success by defining your storm and conquering it. Empower your mind to remind you of who you are and harness the power of your storm!

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